Platysmaplasty it removes the unwanted band lines by removing or tightening the neck muscles. During your pre-op visit, plastic surgeon will examine you, will evaluate your general health and will give you some instructions regarding preparation for surgery. Some common instructions for the preparation of surgery are: Discontinue the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, like aspirin, blood thinning medications and herbal supplements as they can increase the risks of bleeding. Follow the recommended diet regimen and avoid excessively fatty food. Neck lift Procedure, the procedure of neck lift surgery in Dubai is performed on outpatient basis and the duration varies depending on the technique used. The steps for the procedure of neck lift surgery are: The first step is the administration of general anesthesia. After this, incisions will be made. The site and length of the incision will vary depending on the improvement required and the technique used.

neck lift surgery is performed to remove excess fat in the neck area. Cervicoplasty the purpose of cervicoplasty is removing excess skin and repositioning of tissue.

It is often performed in combination with a face lift although it can be performed on its own too. A neck lift can correct band lines, excess skin, and fat and bring your neck back into shape. B a results, the results of neck lift will become visible almost immediately after the surgery. However, final results may take few months to become apparent, after swelling subsides completely. The outcomes will be long guarantee, as the results may vary from person to person. Are you a candidate? You may be a right candidate for neck lift surgery if: ontharen Aging or sun has damaged your neck skin. You have excess fat beneath your chin that gives the appearance of double chin. Your neck has loose slack skin that gives the appearance of turkey wattle neck. You have excess fat under the jaws and on the neck. Neck lift goals, neck lift surgery aims at improving the aesthetic appearance of neck by: Eliminating excess skin on the neck.

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One of the first regions to depict the signs of aging is the neck. Since neck skin is soft, it loses its elasticity sooner than the rest of the body and can make a person appear old, tired and worn out. Cosmetic surgery gives us the benefit of reversing the effects aging has on ones appearance. One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery is a neck lift in Dubai. Cost page of neck lift to know the exact cost of the treatment. Contents *Facts you must Know, cost of Treatment, time required 2-3 hours. Anesthesia, general Anesthesia, recovery time 1 week, success Rate, very high Success Rate. A make neck tightening is the procedure of surgically pulling back and tightening neck skin to give it a youthful appearance.

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Most people can return to work in seven to 14 days. If you participate in sports or are physically active, you will have to wait at least three weeks to resume those activities. Your plastic surgeon may also recommend you wear a medical compression bandage to help reduce post-operative swelling. This is usually worn night and day for at least five to seven days and then only at night for a longer period of time. Its important to follow instructions to ensure proper recovery. Insurance financing Insurance rarely covers the cost of elective cosmetic surgery and procedures. Please call 216.444.4004 and ask to speak with one of our financial representatives who can explain payment options including CareCredit financing.

neck lift surgery

Possible complications from neck lift surgery include: Swelling and bruising that can last for several days. Tightness or tingling and different sensations including burning or pulling. Numbness on the skin, which is normal in the first few weeks following surgery. Risk of infection (At the first sign of a fever or unusual discharge from the incision site, contact your doctor). Allergic reaction to granaatappel medications given during or after your surgery (very rare). Results What results can i expect? The results of neck lift surgery (chin lift) are visible almost immediately.

Your final results may take several months for all subtle swelling to subside. Because of the minimally invasive approach used at Cleveland Clinic Cosmetic plastic Surgery center, scars from this procedure may be small in properly selected patients. Overall results are generally long lasting. View our neck lift before and after photos to see results from actual patients. What is involved in recovery? Recovery from a neck lift takes time, and its important that youre patient with the process.

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Previous surgeries, your plastic surgeon may also: Examine and measure your face, take photographs for your medical record. Discuss your neck lift procedure options and recommend a course of treatment. Discuss likely outcomes of a neck lift and any risks or potential complications. What to Expect, how is a neck lift performed? Neck lift surgery can be performed in a variety of ways: An incision can be made behind the ear or alternatively in front of and behind the ear, similar to a facelift incision.

In this technique, excess neck skin is removed through the incision made behind the ear. An alternative method, popularized by Cleveland Clinic plastic surgeons, involves creating an incision under the chin without removing any skin and without the need for an incision in front of the ear. Release of the neck skin from the underlying muscles allows the skin to contract without skin removal. The platysma muscle (platysmaplasty) is also tightened through the chin incision. In the elderly, skin is removed directly from under the chin through a zig-zag incision. No incision is therefore made in front of or behind the ear. This reduces the complexity of the procedure. Is a neck lift safe? All surgical procedures carry some risk.

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For a neck lift through a chin incision, the degree of stockists profile improvement correlates best with skin quality. Therefore, good candidates for neck lift through a chin incision surgery include: young or middle-aged individuals, individuals with minimal, mild or moderate skin excess. Individuals with mild to moderate subplatysmal fat. How do i prepare for neck lift surgery? Preparing for your neck lift surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Cosmetic plastic Surgery center will include discussing a number of questions about your health, desires and lifestyle with your plastic surgeon. He or she will evaluate your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors as part of this consultation. To ensure the best results from your neck lift procedure, be prepared to discuss: Why you want the surgery, your expectations and desired outcome. Medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments. Use of current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

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Am i a cremecycle candidate for neck lift surgery (chin lift)? Aging of the neck is usually a combination of loose skin and muscle and some excess fat. This combination results in the so-called turkey gobbler. For those who simply want this area treated and not the entire face, neck lift surgery (chin lift) can be beneficial. A neck lift can be performed on those who feel the need to improve their neck contour. Typical patients range between the ages of 30 and. Good candidates for neck lift surgery include: Individuals with excess skin under the chin and neck area that has lost elasticity. Individuals with excess fat under the chin and neck area. Healthy individuals who do not have medical conditions that can impair healing or increase risk of surgery.

Before after Photos, this is a gentleman in his late sixties who desired improvement of neck laxity via sale a less invasive procedure. He is shown before direct excision of his neck skin and platysmaplasty (left) and 5 months after surgery (right). This is a gentleman in his late sixties who desired improvement of neck laxity via a less invasive procedure. He is shown before direct excision of his neck skin and platysmaplasty (left) and nearly 2 years after surgery (right). Male in his late sixties concerned about skin excess in his neck. Patient underwent a neck lift through direct excision of his neck skin. Patient is shown before neck lift (left) and two years after neck lift (right).

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Overview, what is a neck lift? A neck lift, also known as a chin lift, offers a smoother and more lotion toned appearance to skin under the chin and neck area that has lost elasticity. An elegant neck contour is not only associated with a youthful appearance, but also with health and vitality. Cleveland Clinic Cosmetic plastic Surgery center surgeons offer many neck lift procedures (also called a cervicoplasty) and complimentary cosmetic techniques for both men and women that result in a younger, more vibrant look and overall outlook. Why Choose Us, when considering a neck lift, always look for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with specialized training and significant experience. For the best results, choose a cosmetic surgeon who is affiliated with a major medical center, such as Cleveland Clinic. Make sure to ask your cosmetic surgeon about his or her credentials, training and how many procedures he or she has performed.

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