Eucerit is the basis for Eucerin and, later on, for nivea creme. 1906: The first overseas branch is established in London. 1909: Labello is launched on the market. It is the first lip care product in sliding tube packaging. The term Labello is derived from Latin for "beautiful lip" (labeo lip; bello beautiful). 1911: nivea creme the first stable water-in-oil emulsion is introduced.

nivea hair milk company. 1893: The first international cooperation agreement is concluded with. Trading company lehn fink for the. 1900: Patent application for Eucerit, an emulsifying agent.

In 1900, lifschütz developed a water-in-oil emulsion with, eucerit, the first stable emulsion. This was the origin. Nivea comes from the, latin word niveus, meaning "snow-white". 2, during the 1930s, beiersdorf started producing different kind of products such rugspieren as tanning oils, shaving creams, shampoo and facial cleanser and toners. The trademark "nivea" was expropriated in many countries because of World War. The confiscated trademark rights was completely bought back by beiersdorf. During the 1980s, the nivea brand expanded into a wider global market. Contents History edit timeline edit before world War i edit 1882: Pharmacist paul Carl beiersdorf establishes the company on March. Nivea originated in Germany. The date of the patent document for the manufacture of medical plasters is taken as the date of the companys formation.

nivea hair milk

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to: navigation, search, for other uses, see. Nivea (pronounced nivea 1 ) is a german personal care brand that specializes in body-care. It is owned by the. Hamburg -based company, beiersdorf, global. The company was founded on,. In 1890, it was sold. Troplowitz worked with his consultant. Paul Gerson Unna and the german chemist, isaac Lifschütz, developed a new skin aziatische care cream.

Nivea, hairmilk: šampon i regenerator za svaki tip kose

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nivea hair milk

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nivea hair milk

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Nivea hair milk
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