Welke behandeling het meest geschikt is hangt met name van het soort rimpel en de plek van de rimpel. Vrijwel alle (oppervlakkige) rimpels kunnen bijvoorbeeld goed behandeld worden met een chemische peeling. De keuze voor een behandeling met botox dan […]

"Comparative study on triterpene saponins of ginseng drugs". "I told you to get clear polish for your nails. "Chapter 8: Postwar tbi-effects Experimentation: Continued Reliance on Sick patients in Place of - healthy "Normals." Advisory committee on Human Radiation Experiments […]

How Did Carter Find It? Howard Carter spent many years searching for the tomb of Tutankhamen. He felt that the tomb must be in the valley of the kings. Financed by the lord Carnarvon of England, carter dug in several […]

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One of the best moisturizers I have found. This moisturizer is light enough for daily use and oily skin that needs moisture but not too much to weigh the skin down after the serum number three step. This is perfect […]